The VQ iPhone Case


Always with you, just like your phone because it is attached to it.

Ever wonder where was the last place you left your Vape? Never again with the VQ. 

Best of all, your VQ starter kit comes with both easily interchangeable cartridges (1 Liquid, 1 Wax)

so you can switch between Liquid or Wax in just seconds.



Weather it's stored away or being used from the case

The VQ is the most discrete device on the market.

You can easily take it with you to a club, concert, meeting, reunion, work etc., without anyone ever knowing.

Going for a run? Need a break from your phone?

The VQStick is the perfect size to take with you.

Lightweight, Compact, and a battery that is made to last longer.



The VQ iPhone 6/6S case is packed with 1,700MAH lithium polymer battery,

designed to recharge The VQStick for days or even weeks on a single charge.

The VQStick carries a 200MAH lithium polymer battery that is designed to put out at least 100 puffs

but in many cases it has been able to produce 200-300 puffs on a single charge.

Never worry about The VQStick dying

because every time you put it back into The VQ iPhone 6/6S case it starts charging back up immediately.


The VQStick


 Designed to be as small as can be while still providing an amazing vaping experience. 

 Lightweight, weighing only 0.5oz, (with empty cartridge inserted)

because who wants to carry around a heavy vape?



 Simply insert whichever cartridge you prefer, filled with your favorite liquid or wax,

make sure it clicks in, press the button while inhaling. It couldn't be more simple!

 Sleek, Elegant, and Squared, so it won't roll away...



 With a 200MAH lithium polymer battery and our own engineering, you can always expect a nice smooth vape.

 Made for the consumer who is looking for maximum power in the smallest package. 


The VQ Pods


The VQ comes with both, Liquid and Wax, Pods.


We want you to put your favorite flavors and waxes in them not ours!



Each cartridge is designed to easily snap in and out of the VQStick,

so you can switch between liquid and wax in a matter of seconds!



Our Pods can be refilled until the coil or wicks burn out.

No need to throw them out after every use but whenever you need some more we are here waiting.