How Does The VQ Work?

The VQ iPhone Case is an iPhone Case that stores and charges our one of a kind VQStick.
Simply slide The VQStick into The VQ iPhone Case and watch the blue LED's light up to confirm The VQStick is charging.
When you are ready to use it again, simply slide it up until you hear a click or the button is centered with the designated hole.
Press down and inhale through the mouthpiece while The VQStick is inserted into The VQ iPhone Case. Or simply pull it all the way out and use it on its own.
Either way, when done, simply push The VQStick all the way down into The VQ iPhone Case until the slider clicks,
securing the The VQStick into its stored position and again watch the blue LED's light up to confirm The VQStick is charging.

What Do The LED's Indicate?

The LED's Indicate the battery level of The VQ iPhone Case.

There are 4 LED lights in total:

4 Solid LED's Indicate 100% Charge
3 Solid LED Lights Indicate 80%-55% Charge
2 Solid LED's Indicate 54%-20% Charge
1 Solid LED Indicates 19%-5% Charge
1 Flashing LED Indicates battery level 5% or less and VQ must be recharged.

Does The VQ Come Charged?

No. The VQ must be fully charged as described in the Instruction Manual before first use.

*Initial Charge may take between 1-2 Hours

What Liquids / Waxes Can Be Used?

You can use any wax or liquid you desire in its designated cartridge.
For liquid, fill the cartridge as instructed in the Instruction Manual
For the wax cartridge, only add a little at a time (just enough to cover the coil and wicks).
If you add too much it will over flow and clog the cartridge.
We plan to come out with new cartridges in the coming months for different substances including dry herbs.

How Long Does The VQStick Last?

The VQStick is designed to last you a minimum of 100 puffs without being recharged,
however because The VQStick is designed to be stored into The VQ iPhone Case while not in use it will be recharged by the time you pull it out again.
The VQ iPhone Case is designed to last days or even weeks on a single charge, so even if you didn't charge it the night before you should still have enough charge to get you through the next day or 2.*

*These statements based on various use by individual user.

Does The VQ use my iPhone's battery or does it charge my iPhone?

No. The VQ is not connected to your iPhone in any way and uses its own separate battery to charge The VQStick.
We don't like when our iPhones die, and we are sure you don't either.
So, when we designed The VQ, we did not want to have something else draining the iPhone battery.
We will leave your apps to that!

Is there another way to charge The VQStick?

No. There is no other way to charge the VQStick other than inserting it into The VQ iPhone case.

I don't have an iPhone 6/6S, 7, or 8 or I am getting the new iPhone the day it comes out, will there be a VQ for other cell phones?

Yes. We plan to release a VQ for Samsung Galaxy Phones as well as the new iPhone with new features in the very near future.


*iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
*Samsung Galaxy is a registered trademark of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
*The VQ is property of Vaportronix, LLC US Patent # US 9,197,726 B2, EU Patent Application # EP 2,903,245 A1
 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or addiction.


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