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by CEO

Vaportronix Launches on Fundable.com

At Vaportronix, we’ve made some incredible headway in our mission to revolutionize the vapor industry. We’re now kicking into high gear as we prepare to take Vaportronix to the next level, and now’s your time to get in on the ground floor of the future of vapor.

For a limited time only, Vaportronix has partnered with Fundable to give others a chance to contribute and benefit from this booming industry. For full details, click here. https://www.fundable.com/vaportronix

How We Got Here

The Next Leading Name InVapor

After 2 years in the making, we’re proud to present the world with our first product, The VQ, the patented phone case and vaporizer that’s always with you and always charged.

This game-changing solution has four simple parts:

VQStick (vaporizer)

VQ Cartridges (liquid or wax)

VQase (phone case for iPhone 6/6S/7)

USB cable & wall charger

Where We'll Go Together

Why Has VaportronixDecided to Work With Fundable?

This endeavor will help set the tone for a powerhouse entry into the market and the foundation for longevity in the industry.

What Does A Successful Outcome Look Like?

A successful raise will put us in the position to release the following products:

We’ve had a ton of demand for an independant VQStick with its own stand alone charger.

After that, we will release VQ Version 2 which will wirelessly charge the VQStick, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S8 with app integration and additional features.

We will also release different VQ Cartridges for dry herbs, waxes, and liquids, sold both pre-filled and empty.

The Bottom Line

As the vapor industry has evolved, companies have only put out bigger and bigger devices. At Vaportronix, we had a different goal in mind: to create the most discreet and convenient vaping experience possible. Why carry around a separate device when you can have it attached to the one you already use most -- your cell phone?

As a “thank you” for helping us get this far, we wanted to keep you in the loop with this unique opportunity!

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Fundable page here https://www.fundable.com/vaportronix

Thanks for your time and continued support.